At a recent Vang council meeting we had just finished reviewing the previous month’s income and expenses when one of the council members mentioned they had recently reviewed their Thrivent account and directed their Thrivent Choice Dollars toward Vang. There were several of us on the council that didn’t know what that meant.


If you or anyone in your family has a Thrivent life, health or investment product, you may be able to direct Choice Dollars charitable grant funds to Vang. Each year, Thrivent allows it’s clients to identify how it will distribute a portion of its charitable giving, called Choice Dollars. By logging into your Thrivent account, you can select for your Thrivent Choice Dollars to go to Vang Lutheran Church.


The process of selecting Vang for your Thrivent Choice Dollars is simple and only takes a few minutes. Go to and login (or create your Thrivent account using your Thrivent ID from a recent Thrivent Statement). Look for the section called “Thrivent Choice,” and click on the Direct Choice Dollars link to see if you’re eligible and set up Vang as your Choice Dollars recipient. It’s that easy!


It takes 10 minutes or less to set up Vang as the recipient of your Thrivent Choice Dollars, but the impact can be significant! If you have a Thrivent policy or product, please consider directing your Choice Dollars to Vang. It is an easy way for Vang to receive additional funds from Thrivent each year, and contribute to supporting Vang’s mission.

Steve Schmidt