Dennison-Vang Lutheran Parish

A Community of Faith with a Proud Past, a Vibrant Present, a Hopeful Future.

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Reaching out with the love of Christ.

Dennison and Vang Lutheran is a combined ministry of two congregations with a proud history, a vibrant present, and a bright future. Our mission is to be a loving presence for our community in Christ’s name. Dennison and Vang are located about 3 miles apart from each other in Dennison, MN.

We are a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), and the Southeastern Minnesota Synod.

Songs of My Life & Taize Prayer Videos

At Dennison Lutheran Community Church, our focus is to “be a loving presence in the community.”  We are a small, welcoming community in which we hope you will feel at home.

To help us be a caring presence in the community, we saw a need to do church differently. We are excited about two new worship and community experiences we now offer – Songs of My Life and Taize Evening Prayer.

In Songs of My Life gatherings, our goal is to hear other’s honest lived experiences and share ours, sing favorite songs and remember the love in the world, connect our neighbor and feel the peace and understanding of community. This is a “we” fellowship, it is through our shared experience and our ability to connect with others and the world around us that we have found joy and freedom.

Dennison Community Church also invites people to Evening Prayer. We started Evening Prayer after seeing a big need for people to find peaceful moments. The last couple of years have been especially stressful for everyone. At Evening Prayer you can pause, let go, and create a peaceful oasis in your busy weeks. After Evening Prayer the burdens you carry will feel lighter.

To help people get a sense of what these special worship times are like, we collaborated with Tridon Visual Media to create the videos below. Please check them out!

Pastor annoncement #1.mp4

 Songs of My Life.mp4

Taize Prayer.mp4

Our doors are open, and all are welcome. We hope you will come join us on this journey.

Songs of My Life is every 3rd Sunday of the month. Taize Evening Prayer is every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Peace be with you.

Worship Schedule

 Summer Worship Schedule

During the summer months, there will be one combined service on Sundays. The summer schedule is below. Some of the worship services at Vang will be outdoors in the front lawn. Look for more info to come!

Sunday, June 26 –

-         Vang – 9:00 AM -

Sunday, July 3 –

-         Dennison – 9:00 AM

Sunday, July 10

-         Dennison – 9:00 AM 

Sunday, July 17

-         Dennison – 9:00 AM

Sunday, July 24

-         Dennison – 9:00 AM

Sunday, July 31 - 

-         Dennison – 9:00 AM

Sunday, Aug. 7 (Outdoor service at Dennison Park at 11:00 AM)

Sunday, Aug 14

-         Vang – 9:00 AM

Sunday, Aug 21

-         Vang – 9:00 AM

Sunday, Aug 28

-          Vang – 9:00 AM

Sunday, Sept. 4 (Labor Day Weekend)

-         Vang – 9:00 AM

Taize Prayer – On the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM, come spend some peaceful moments with God. Taizé Prayer is evening prayer for all Christian faiths. It is a simple, meditative form of worship, calling us to open to Christ's presence around and within us. Taizé Prayer is named for the ecumenical Christian community formed in Taizé, France during World War II. It is an evening prayer practiced by millions of people all over the world.

Songs of My Life – This innovative gathering will be on the 3rd Sunday of the month. The Songs of My Life Gathering is open to anyone who is seeking connection. People are invited to gather to share stories, songs and space with each other. In this way we grow together in our journey here on earth. 

Come re-imagine what church can be at Dennison Lutheran Community Church, and help us to “Sing to the Lord a new song!”

Since Dennison will be gathering every other Sunday and once a month on Wednesdays, please note the dates of worship every month. More information is on the newsletter calendar and the church website.

These opportunities are meant for outreach, so invite a friend!