El Paso, TX/Juarez, Mexico

January 25th-31st 2020

Check out these videos from a recent Border Immersion Trip to El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico with the Border Servant Corp a partnership with ECLA churches in El Paso, TX.

I. Saturday

               A. Travel from Minneapolis to Phoenix to El Paso https://youtu.be/h460ZfF7cKs

               B. Orientation and get settled

II. Sunday

               A. Richardo

                               1. View of valley from Rim Road

                               2. Mural https://youtu.be/oqUMTXl0tgU

               B. Bilingual church service followed by potluck https://youtu.be/jt5xEyALFpY

               C. Presentation from Pastor Rose and our

                   first undocumented immigrant https://youtu.be/2tcbICPydow

               D. First trip to Juarez https://youtu.be/XrQbh8DAYJI

                               1. Marketplace

                               2. Viva Mexico

III. Monday

               A. Colonia visit with undocumented immigrant https://youtu.be/MM07f4uWo8o

               B. Chamizal https://youtu.be/-N4u-AVdojg

               C. Undocumented Immigrant with

     Border Network for Human Rights https://youtu.be/XkckOhcTSoo

IV. Tuesday

               A. Border Patrol at the wall https://youtu.be/BB0g-K5hk6Y

               B. Colonia visit with undocumented immigrant https://youtu.be/ccvyOwrbva8

    and DACA daughter https://youtu.be/R0rdvoYY8qc

V. Wednesday

               A. Border Servant Corps (Peace Lutheran Church, Las Cruces, NM)

               B. District Court in Las Cruces, NM https://youtu.be/h0YI0QHqwe8

               C. Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services https://youtu.be/bsFR7V7Lgj4

               D. Dinner at Casa Vides, El Paso, TX https://youtu.be/tFGKlzemwp0

VI. Thursday

               A. Anapra Colonia, Juarez, Mexico

                               1. Library https://youtu.be/rf68rxaOfPg

                               2. Border encounter https://youtu.be/x8bBK_9aUAg

               B. Reuben Garcia https://youtu.be/LPFM5OEj0SA

               C. Doctor Mendoza https://youtu.be/DeH3FUCclfk

VII. Friday

               A. Reflections https://youtu.be/aSlLaoM5V0Q

               B. Travel Home Summary https://youtu.be/Bycgaz9hw4g


** Special thanks to trip photographers Paul Nygaard, Paul Graham, Patty Bjorklund and Dee Larson!