Border Immersion Trip

El Paso, TX/Juarez, Mexico

January 25th-31st 2020

Check out these videos from a recent Border Immersion Trip to El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico with the Border Servant Corp a partnership with ECLA churches in El Paso, TX.

I. Saturday

               A. Travel from Minneapolis to Phoenix to El Paso

               B. Orientation and get settled

II. Sunday

               A. Richardo

                               1. View of valley from Rim Road

                               2. Mural

               B. Bilingual church service followed by potluck

               C. Presentation from Pastor Rose and our

                   first undocumented immigrant

               D. First trip to Juarez

                               1. Marketplace

                               2. Viva Mexico

III. Monday

               A. Colonia visit with undocumented immigrant

               B. Chamizal

               C. Undocumented Immigrant with

     Border Network for Human Rights

IV. Tuesday

               A. Border Patrol at the wall

               B. Colonia visit with undocumented immigrant

    and DACA daughter

V. Wednesday

               A. Border Servant Corps (Peace Lutheran Church, Las Cruces, NM)

               B. District Court in Las Cruces, NM

               C. Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services

               D. Dinner at Casa Vides, El Paso, TX

VI. Thursday

               A. Anapra Colonia, Juarez, Mexico

                               1. Library

                               2. Border encounter

               B. Reuben Garcia

               C. Doctor Mendoza

VII. Friday

               A. Reflections

               B. Travel Home Summary


** Special thanks to trip photographers Paul Nygaard, Paul Graham, Patty Bjorklund and Dee Larson!